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Personal operated cases after hair transplant

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I'm studying English and I was afraid of looking stupid writing in a foreign language because of my "bad" English, but now I feel a little bit more confident and I'd like to tell you my "hair story".
Please don't hesitate to correct me if I make a mistake.

There it goes.
My "hair story" has 4 surgeries and at the end of this document you'll be able to see a complete video with all the details, but first of all I want to tell you why it's been 4 surgeries, and the answer is easy: I didn't have enough money to make all the work at once, but I needed to do something because when I looked at myself in the mirror I saw the face of my father, and I love my father but it made me feel really bad. (When you see the pictures I think you're going to understand me very well).
So I spoke with Doctor Lorenzo about that and we decided to do 2 surgeries, after that, another one to re-build my temples, and finally the last one to put the cherry on the icing.

And now a brief summary of my alopecia.
I've been suffering from AGA since I was 25 years old (more or less), and when I was 32 I began to take Finasteride. 12 years later (now I'm 44), I continue taking it with any problem (I think you know what I mean).
I have tried to use Minoxidil but definitely I don't like it for many reasons but is long and difficult to explain them, and more in English ;-)

So let's get down to it.
Here you are the pictures:
One of my favorite movie ever is BACK TO THE FUTURE, and this is how I feel now.

20 years ago I was in Venezuela and I took the first picture. 20 years later I took another one (on the right), and I put in the middle the one in just before the surgery in 2008.

The difference? In 2008 I ate king prawns, and now I have to eat nuts :mrgreen: