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Personal operated cases after hair transplant

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I was 18 years old in the first picture and I still keep this Levi's T-shirt because of a sentimental reason.


In this picture I have just arrived at home by bike and due to that I have this kind of hairstyle.

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Now, I want to tell you a little secret.

I hate my old pictures, I mean the ones before the first surgery, so I decided to keep them onto a folder with password.

I only know the password but I've made a "collage" with part of them and now I'm going to show them you.
I think that you're going to understand why I hate them... (click on the picture if you going to see it bigger)

But I really think that the best way to see a surgery is by video, and I've made three.
You'll be able to see all the process since the beginning, with different hairstyles, brushed with comb or with my hand.

I haven't told this story to my friends, you can believe me.
I don't know if they really imagine or suspect something, but I promise that none of them never told me anything about that except: "you look better without moustache" (and I never had moustache), or "you look too skinny" (and I weigh 2 kilos more than before).

You can see the three videos on Youtube by clicking these links:




PS: Shortly, I will continue with my 4th surgery.